Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hi I'm Tina

I was just rewriting my Etsy profile when I realized that I'd never really done an introductory post here, so I am going to share that profile here for fun.

My name is Tina Lynn Ellis . I reside in a small town  just outside the San Francisco Bay Area. I am a make of Art, a constant re-decorator and a belly dancer.

I'm currently focusing my efforts on the creation of my OOAK Art Dolls. I made my first dolls when I was 11 or 12 as Easter gifts for my Mom and Step-Dad. I'd scrounged up some old socks, raided my mom's craft room and it was on.Some awkward looking sock bunnies were born that day. I didn't come back to this particular art form for quite some time.

In 2008 I heard a little voice in my head and before I knew it I'd created my "first" doll. I was hooked almost immediately, but took my time getting to know my creations. Now, here I am enjoying every moment of hard work I put into each doll. They all have such unique and individual personalities sometimes I wonder if I'm part of the process at all!

The name of my shop, Night's Vision has been with me since the late '90's and really is a statement on where and when I feel my creativity comes from. I have been a night owl my whole life and find that those moments of creative impulse, the "vision" comes to me in the middle of the night when everything is quiet and peaceful. Who knows what lurks in the dark next!

I'd love to hear more about some of you!

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