Friday, June 7, 2013

Woo hoo!

I am so excited to finally have set up the store on ! It feels wonderful! I will be listing some dolls in the very near future that have never been listed before "From the Balcony" and "Hannya Inside". I think I've been selfish and haven't wanted to let them go!

So where have I been for all these months? Well, way back in September of last year my longterm partner creature and I decided it was about time we had a wedding! Of course, I never really planned on doing that so I had no ideas what it would be like other than it had to be in October. So I have seriously been completely wedding immersed for our October 5, 2013. We, of course, have a small budget so my mother and I have turned into super crafters! I have designed the invitations, made all the bridesmaids bouqet flowers from paper, made boutenires just to name a few. It's been all wedding all the time around these parts. What a crazy thing! I think it's amazing though all the new skills I'm learning in the process!

Unfortunately most art has been put on hold until I can get all caught up on the 1001 projects we have to do. I am going to start taking orders for Krampus dolls . Maybe I'll have something else new before then! Just a quick update to say we're still alive!