Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Birthday Wishes and ACEO's

First of all I wanted to send out a little request :) My birthday is this Saturday. I actually almost forgot about it, so I don't really have any plans. What would really make my day would be to get Night's Vision's *Likes* on my facebook page up over 200. If you could do this for me, or share it around that would be awesome!   There is also a little like button over there on the right sidebar.
ACEO's have been the theme of the new year around these parts! I love the small format and the fact that I can actually get something finished without sitting so long my back starts to get silly! I listed a few of them on Etsy this week. Check them out.

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I have several more that haven't been listed yet. Maybe when I get back from my trip to Arizona next week. You can see most of them here.

I hope everyone has had a great first month of the new year!

Monday, January 9, 2012

They fill the void, and I like it.

I am having so much fun making Treasuries on Etsy these days, though I must say I would prefer to have room to be working on my own stuff. In the meantime these certainly feel like works of art in their own right at times. Here are a few recent ones I curated for you to puruse. I hope you enjoy them! Comments and sharing are always appreciated.

STATTEAM PIF #6 (Pay it forward)
The first piece really summed up how I feel about my mom

Are these Russian dolls not fantastic?

STATTEAM Challenge. I kept my own man in mind making this one.


My absolute favorite Etsy Dark Team

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hannya Inside by Tina Lynn Ellis, or Art Dolls are my first love

I haven't gotten much done lately, but I just did one small thing that makes me feel totally accomplished! I took pictures of my doll Hannya Inside. I had just put the finishing touches on her when my disc herniation started pressing on the nerve way back in August. So all these months I've just been staring at her. I have not been strong enough to hold the camera or to bend over in any crazy ways to get the pictures. I did it today. I am not sure if or when I am going to be listing her on Etsy , but if you have any questions you can email me at nightsvision at aol dot com. I'm not sure if these are THE pictures yet, but I am happy how they came out for now. I'll stop babbling now and show them to you. There are more on the Night's Vision facebook page at .