Friday, March 11, 2011

Inspirations : Ugly Art Dolls by Ugly Shyla

There was a time when I didn't even know what an Art Doll was. I've always had taste that's lead me towards darker imagery and the like. I can remember one day running across Ugly Shyla's work and having my jaw drop. Here was something I'd never ever seen before, something completely unique and fitting into what I found beautiful. I wish I could remember exactly where I first saw her work, but I'm sure it was back in a time when my outsides looked closer to what my insides often feel like. I am still a huge fan and although our work is completely different I would site her as one of my main influences for beginning to think of dolls as art. Thank Bob for that.

If any of you have never seen her work I urge you to go now, check it out and if you can buy something do eeeet!  Visit her at her Etsy Shop Ugly Art Dolls by Ugly Shyla  or at her website UglyArt.Net  or come check out the Art doll group she started on Facebook.


  1. Hauntingly beautiful.
    Strange how we have so many likes in common. Oh yeah:) we are related, lol

  2. Not to mention the birthdays (how ever many years and) three days apart!