Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ups, downs and help I don't know how to manage time!

These last few days have not been very productive for me. I've been busy spending time with family and I don't use my computer much when my mom is here. This brings me to a question I would like to ask anyone who might be interested in helping me out. How do you stay productive? I see all you wonderful doll artists and the like being so incredibly prolific and it brings to mind how much of a struggle that is for me. It's a thing I will probably always struggle with as trying to stay healthy and functional is usually my top concern, and I'm not always so good at it. Do you have set hours that you work every day? Do you work as the spirit moves you? I'm super interested in any feedback anyone can give me.

A lot if times when I have something come up such as family time , or scheduled vacations when I'm on a productive bend I freak out a little bit. I worry that the interruption of my roll is going to grind all of my creativity to a bone jarring halt. Lately to counteract that way of thinking I've been working a little bit slower to begin with. I'm trying not to get too much into that feverish mode where I feel both spectacular yet fragile all at the same time.

In the meantime I think I'll be hitting up a local quilt and doll show this weekend to see what I can see.

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