Saturday, March 26, 2011

Look a picture!

It's been a strange week around here. I've been feeling pretty icky for a lot of it, and wound up having to do something I hate to do...nap. Ok, let me rephrase that, I love to nap what I hate is being forced to nap because I feel ill. It brings to mind times in my life when I've had to nap daily because I was in such poor health. I like to pretend I'm relatively healthy now. The truth is this winter weather is kicking my butt! I have a pretty severe vitamin D deficiency and that got diagnosed in the middle of summer when there was tons of sun! Needless to say, even with prescription doses of vitamin D , it's really hard to keep it up when there is no sun at all! Of course there is more going on than that, but I could blah blah blah forever on that.

The thing I hate the most is that it interrupts my flow of creativity. I feel ill, and I am unable to work on things and it kind of stops me in my tracks. Then it takes a while for me to get back to it when I feel well. I spend a lot of time planning in my head, but have trouble getting moving. I'm also noticing that when I am in planning mode I"m a little err...bitchy. I feel easily irritated and want everyone to leave me alone, including my cats! Poor things they get put out of the room all the time. I'm starting to notice it as a pattern, oops.

I finally got moving a little bit yesterday and got all the fabrics together for my next doll. She's going to be interesting and I will probably bleed, or burn myself at some point during her creation. :) Above is a picture of all the gorgeous fabrics I'm going to be using! That's somehow going to turn into a Kimono. I started sculpting the head last night and wound up scrapping it twice before getting on the right path. So now her head is all baked and ready to get prepped for painting! It feels good to have something accomplished.

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