Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm alive I swear!

If I seem to have fallen off the face of the earth it's because I kind of did. Back in March at some point I started not feeling so well, but I was in a pretty productive creative mode so I wasn't paying too much attention to it. One Wednesday I woke up coughing and thought "where the heck did that come from" at first I thought it was just allergy irritation, but i quickly realized I also had a fever. I'd been so focused on things I needed to get done that I just kept telling myself it was a little cold. A little cold that laid me flat out with every muscle in my body hurting. Long story short I somehow wound up with pneumonia! That hadn't happened in a really long time. The problem is that even when the pneumonia cleared up I still didn't get better because I have asthma that is triggered by illness so now I'm still here fighting lovely asthmatic bronchitis. I got to find out that ProAir inhalers hate me and cause more coughing fits then they fix. So far I think I've been sick since somewhere in the middle of March, and I can't get anything done because I'm so tired and everything is irritating my lungs. I've been ordered to remain indoors as much as possible. My poor kitties have been banned from my room, and I've had to bring in a few air purifiers.

In the meantime my other health issues are haywire as well. My triglycerides have shot up to 3500 again and my cholesterol is 450. My A1C has actually come down which is good. But no one can figure out why it seems that these medications I've been on for years for the familial hyperlipidemia have stopped working. My doctor left for vacation last Friday afternoon a few hours before my urine test came back showing that hey yay I may be in the first stages of kidney disease. I'm not focusing on that right now though because I haven't spoken to any of my doctors and I think I probably need to have a 24 hour urine test to confirm. My vitamin D level has come up to 21 but that is still pretty low. My bones and joints are being butt heads this week too. To top it all off my lower back went into the lovely spasms I get last night and I'm just hoping it decides to stop sometime soon.

So I'm kind of on hiatus from life at the moment hah hah. I'm hoping maybe this week I can muster up some energy to go back to work on the doll I was working on. Though she needs some sanding done and I can't really do that right now. I'm looking forward to it though! I hope this entry hasn't been too morose, I just wanted to update and say I'm still here! Too much time on the computer is giving me headaches so I've been spending a lot of time sleeping and reading. I guess you can't complain too much about that when you are a bookworm like me!

Hopefully I'll have something more interesting next time!


  1. Oh my God Tina!!! You are going through a nightmare. I'm so very sorry that you are dealing with all these health issues, all of which sound quite scary! That you still took the time to comment on my blog and offer support and friendship means the world to me! Thank you SO much!

    I'm sending positive thoughts and love that you quickly can resolve all that is ailing you!



  2. Sue, of course I would take the time you are a wonderful lady and everyone needs to know that there are people out there rooting for them!

    I've been dealing with this whole batch of health issue flare ups for the past 15 years so at some point it just becomes "oh we're back here again, ok" It's all part of my lifes journey no matter how much it sucks sometimes and how much I want to throw kicking and screaming temper tantrums! I KNOW it's helped me be a better person inside.