Friday, May 27, 2011


I'm in the passenger seat headed into the beautiful country setting that is home to Mom. In between gaping at the scenery I'm sitting here blogging. It's been years since I've gotten to be the passenger. I'd developed the nasty habit of having to be in control all the time. Getting sick this year seems to have cured that and I've been riding shotgun for months now. I know I'll have to get back behind the wheel again soon lest I let my anxieties take over and decide never to drive at all. In the meantime I'm enjoying being able to calmly watch the world move by.

That is kind of the mind set I've been in lately and aside from brief neurotic moments of "oh my god you aren't doing anything why are you not doing anything NOTHING IS GETTING DONE!" I've been pretty alright with it. It has allowed me to work on my current doll with a certain calmness and confidence that leaves me pretty happy with the results. I may even be finished with her in a week or so. Here are a few sneak peak iPhone pictures of progress.