Tuesday, March 8, 2011

But cleaning IS working!

Today I engaged in one of my favorite kinds of procrastination...cleaning and organizing my workspace. There was a time when I didn't even have a workspace, and then I used my lack of space in which to work as a procrastination tool. As I was putting together a new cube of shelves to house the thing which cooks the clay (for some reason the word toaster oven doesn't seem right) I realized that my guest room that I squeezed workspace into has finally turned into a studio that I squeezed a bed into! I think I now have every thing I need to make a doll all residing in one room! I'm so excited! NOW I can work. I swear! No really! For real this time I promise! :)

Of course I had to catch a few pictures with my phone, just to remember what it looks like when it's clean.

ahhh clean

Scissors, glitter, patterns and inspiration

Beads in jars, misc inspiration

When I first put this space together I went Ikea crazy


The new shelf, not very full yet


  1. This is a BRILLIANTLY organized and filled studio...it's like a candy store..it's perfect...I'm certain you will get a lot of work done now.

    I came to your post from, oh geez, who was it...either Barton or Magi..I think the first...I saw a comment you left and thought Id' check out what you do...oh yes, it was Barton, with her dolls...you said you were going to attempt it today...I pretty much thought the same thing...so I decided to look you up and hoped to meet a "kindred spirit"...and I believe I have...I'm now a follower...good luck with your experimentin!...june

  2. Hi June! Thanks, you are right I think a candy store is a good description! I find that it's really important for me to be inspired by the space I am in and to be able to SEE my supplies right in front of me. If things are hidden away too much I forget I have them!

    It's really nice to meet you.

  3. P.S. I see you are from Santa Cruz, and I had to say my heart lives in Santa Cruz even if my body is not able to at the moment. Some day!

  4. Now you have everything ready to go big! Come on we want to see your works!!

  5. I'm working on it Alessandra!