Sunday, July 3, 2011

Long poppets!

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted. Actually, I can believe it and only part of it's excusable. I've had a lot going on these past few months. I actually spent most of June away from home. I was with my family in Arizona as my Grandmother has been very ill and has begun hospice care at home. Cyd and I went with my mother to offer as much support for everyone that we could. I wish there was more we could do.

We brought my Mom's cutie dog Raven home with us because my mom will have to fly home. We hadn't been home but a few hours when I noticed something was wrong with her eyes. We still aren't sure what it was even after numerous vet visits, but finally after a cycle of prednisone and tons of eye drops she seems to be doing well again.

Before we left I'd been working on my Geisha/Hannya doll, but when we got back I haven't felt like working with he yet. Instead I went in a totally different direction and came up with a new series I am calling Milagros Poppets. I like the combination of different folk magic traditions, and I have some great Milagros to work with. After a few weeks I have ten new poppets that I am listing on Etsy tonight and tomorrow. Each one of them has had their fabric selected carefully to match with the Milagros I have chosen for them to wear on a chain around their neck. I've also made herb blends that correlate to go in with the stuffing. I added a pocket to the back of each one so that there was a place to further personalize them. They started off as a much simpler idea but as I work my dolls always start dictating what they want done. These were no different and I found they all had wonderful faces waiting to be brought out. At the moment I have Gambler's Luck, Happy Home, Money Draw, Breast Health, Day of the Dead/Ancestor Remembrance, Land Travel, Air Travel, Sacred Heart of Mary and Yemanja/Yemaya/Sea Goddess. In the future there will be a few more also. I started listing them tonight on Etsy. You can SEE THEM HERE under the Milagros Poppets section. Only three are up right now, but I think I will list the rest tomorrow. Here is a picture of most of them together.

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