Thursday, July 14, 2011

Keep calm

Wow, today has been a strange day for me. I decided this morning to finally make a page on Facebook for Night's Vision it would be awesome if you would LIKE it (clicky here) . I have been thinking about it for a while, but have been putting it off for some reason.

Cyd and I then went out to grab something to eat and then to haunt Michaels because they are starting to put Halloween stuff out. If I could spend all the months between now and Halloween looking at Halloween stuff every day I would squee and squee all over the place. That is always good for me because summer is sometimes rough on me emotionally. I always say I have reverse seasonal affective disorder. While we were out we discovered that something is on fire, like big time on fire. Most of Tracy is covered in smoke and near Michaels you could see ash swirling all over. The wind is really kicked up today, so that can't be good. Since it didn't seem like a good idea to be breathing all that smoke we came home.

There was a package on the doorstep when we got here. We both just kind of looked at it for a minute. Neither one of us has ordered anything lately because we just can't afford it right now. Maybe we were both suspicious the other had broken the pact. He reached down and grabbed it and said "Art Doll Quarterly". I said "omgitismydollgivemethat". I sent in a submission last August and have anxiously waited around the publishing time of each quarter to see if it would show up in the Show and Tell section. I am not a good waiter. I am not a calm send it out to the universer. I am a type A OCDish basket case a lot of the time. It has killed me not knowing what was going on. So I shook the whole time I opened it, thinking that there would be something inside telling me yay or nay, that I would finally be put out of my misery just to KNOW. My friends, there was not. There was just my beautiful doll and now I have a brain full of guesses. Did they decide they would never use it? Will it be in the August issue so they were able to send her home? Will the universe implode along with my brain? I guess I won't know for a few more weeks now.

Anyone who has been in ADQ know the way it works? 

Older close up picture of the lady in question

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