Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bleeding Love

I am really really close to finishing up my Geisha/Hannya doll (I guess I should give her a name sometime soon). All I need to do to finish her is put her kimono on, tie her obi, and put her hair decorations in. This could be done in an hour probably, so of course I'm procrastinating! When I got her to the point she's at now I somehow veered off into something completely different.

I've been obsessing with hearts lately. I started out with sculpting what was to become a Sacred Heart Pendant, and I love love loved how it turned out after painting. I was really excited and had taken it to the kitchen to show Cyd, somehow on the way back into the studio, graceful as ever, (a dancer you say?) I tripped over something and watched the necklace go flying clear across the room. It then proceeded to slide along the floor until it was way under the bed! I am still not sure what I tripped over. I'm pretty sure it was my own feet. Sadly the middle flame broke off. I was able to glue it back on but I would never try to sell it like that. On the bright side it became my necklace! I am quite fond of it. I am not fond of being such a klutz though!

A couple of days later I got the urge to start working on a pair of earrings that popped into my brain at 2:30 a.m. I really like these also. I call them "Bleeding Love". I wanted to give the impression that the hearts had been through the wringer and were pitted, beat up, cracked and drooping, and then added the chain and the red glass beads to look like blood drops, but to me they are also like tear drops. None of my jewelry is turning out to be the most delicate looking stuff in the world, but I am kind of liking that. What about you?

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