Saturday, April 30, 2011

Plans for the Birthday Boy

I'm so excited, tomorrow is Cyd's birthday and we're going to Playland Not At the Beach. I have a serious love for vintage games and curiosities, as does my husbantypecreature just another reason we get along so well (when we're not bickering lovingly of course). He has always had a love of all different forms of magic and has just recently started to hone his skills in Magic and Mentalism. He's started a blog over at if anyone is interested. Writing is new for him, but I think it would be great for him to share some of his wonderful imagination with the world. There is bound to be tons of things to inspire all day tomorrow. We're going to Cafe Gratitude for his birthday meal to munch on some fabulous raw food goodness. Of course, the thing I'm really really excited about? I get to stop by Dick Blick Art Supply on the way there! That's enough to have me giddy for days! I'm going to have to be good and keep to a reasonable time limit since it's not my birthday being celebrated, but gosh I could spend hours in there. (yes I said gosh, I might add golly too). I'm hoping we both come home tomorrow night with a whole lot of inspiration and maybe a little extra push of energy to do something with it. Certainly feeling happy can do wonders for fighting fatigue. I hope everyone else is having an inspirational weekend.

So today I leave you with two things that have beautified my week.

My white roses are blooming and smell AMAZING!

The Jasminmonster taking over everything, which also smells AMAZING

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