Monday, April 25, 2011


I've started to get a little energy back over this past week and have done a little bit of work here and there. I've decided it's necessary to be gentle with myself for a while and no go crazy if only a little bit of work gets done here and there. Of course some of these dolls waiting to be born don't quite agree with me. We'll have to go ahead and see who wins. I know I'm not the only one that has arguments with my art work am I?

The current doll I am working on will eventually be a hybrid Geisha/Hannya. There are a lot of thoughts behind this doll. I'm not quite ready to discuss all of them at the moment. One thing I will say is any choices that I am making that aren't 100% accurate to Japanese culture have been weighed and balanced and I've made the choices for a reason, because they are part of this doll's story. I'm looking forward to when she starts to come together. Right now she's got a head, a Hannya mask, some feet and shoes. Here are a few rough iphone pictures for now. My iPhone likes to make my work look a bit sloppier than it actually is, just as a disclaimer :)

Mask, and Head sculpted and baked

Hannya painted

Feets! Geta not baked at this point.

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