Monday, February 21, 2011

The Dreaded Classroom

For most of my life I have been self taught at everything I do. The only exception to that has been my little certificate of completion from an ROP program telling me I can be an Interior and Architectural design assistant, and Belly Dance classes. Belly Dance has been my complete passion for the past nine years and I've had little time to do anything else. Even with that I usually found classes to be torture.

I come from a history of being diagnosed with "school phobia" at the age of eleven, back when they didn't think kids had those type of things. Later it moved on to agoraphobia and blah and blah, but always the fears stay very firmly around any type of class. I love to learn things, but usually I would rather be boiling in the desert than in a class. This is of course a very strong statement coming from someone like me who wears sunglasses when it's raining. I may be a mushroom, I'm not sure. Either way it's often hampered me when there are so many things in the world that I'd love to learn. Unfortunately those usually involve classrooms.

So, taking all that into account imagine how bizarre it feels that all of a sudden I want to take classes! I want to take as many as I can and cram all sorts of lovely information in to my head. I want to try to expand on whatever little talent I may show. It's quite a nice feeling actually. I think I'll roll with it.

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