Friday, January 6, 2012

Hannya Inside by Tina Lynn Ellis, or Art Dolls are my first love

I haven't gotten much done lately, but I just did one small thing that makes me feel totally accomplished! I took pictures of my doll Hannya Inside. I had just put the finishing touches on her when my disc herniation started pressing on the nerve way back in August. So all these months I've just been staring at her. I have not been strong enough to hold the camera or to bend over in any crazy ways to get the pictures. I did it today. I am not sure if or when I am going to be listing her on Etsy , but if you have any questions you can email me at nightsvision at aol dot com. I'm not sure if these are THE pictures yet, but I am happy how they came out for now. I'll stop babbling now and show them to you. There are more on the Night's Vision facebook page at .

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