Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Dollies

I listed the three new dolls I was talking about the other day. They are soft dolls with painted faces rather than sculpted, but they still have the fabulous fiber hair of my other dolls this size. Taking photos is superfrustrating on these winter days when the sun is either only around for a very short time or not all. Not only that, but I'm still super careful with my back and I'm always paranoid bending over for close ups and such! Either way I think there are a few decent shots of these dolls.

The Green Man can be found HERE

The Seagoddes can be found HERE

The Pink Goddess can be found HERE

I have one more that I am working on. I really hope soon I can get back to sculpting and more detailed dolls. I still have to photograph my finished Geisha/Hanya and show you all!

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