Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas ACEO's

Since my house is currently in complete disarray while we have our kitchen remodeled ( I won't even try to get into that story!) I don't really have a good workspace for sewing or sculpting. Instead I've been working on ACEO's. They give me the opportunity to do the tiny little detail I love and when I can't sit for long because if my back, they are easy to put away until next time. I did a couple of Christmas ones, Christmas my way that is.

They are both what I imagine would deck the halls inside the witches gingerbread house from Hansel and Gretel. I posted them on Etsy last night. I have a few prints of other cards coming up, but these are the originals. Click on the picture to be taken to the listing. There are more detailed pictures there. Don't forget to enter my Mermaid Giveaway in the previous entry.

-Tina Lynn Ellis

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